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Veryx ATTEST solutions enable network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers (NSPs) to optimize their investments in testing, for releasing products and services of the highest quality in the shortest periods of time.

Veryx SAMTEST Service Assurance solution provides the efficiency and capability required by service providers to effectively roll-out and manage their Carrier Ethernet network services such as Business Services and Mobile backhaul. It also enables service provider benchmark specific sections of Access, Metro and Core networks and expedites end-to-end trouble shooting.

Veryx Service Assurance solution comes with Veryx SAMTEST Controller and Veryx Test Probes. Veryx SAMTEST centralized controller co-ordinates with distributed remote Veryx Test Probes to initiate tests, gather statistics and generate reports.

Veryx ATTEST-FT Field Test Suites gives service providers an easy and efficient solution to verify Carrier Ethernet services. Currently, CE 2.0, CE 1.0 (MEF 9 and MEF 14) and Y.1564 are supported. ATTEST-FT performs these tests at geographically separate locations, using a set of remote probes. The probes are controlled from a central ATTEST Server.

Using the automated tests in ATTEST MEF 9 and 14 Field Test solutions, Carrier Ethernet Service providers are able to quickly verify the real-time behavior of their CE networks in distributed deployment scenarios.

ATTEST enables significant returns on investment since it speeds up the testing process, providing not only excellent level of detail for analysis and troubleshooting during the validation process, but also by providing comprehensive reports of the tests performed over time.

Veryx ATTEST covers a wide range of test suites for covering Functional, Scalability, Robustness, Interoperability and Conformance Testing for equipment in various applications areas:

  • Carrier Ethernet/MEF

  • Multi-Service/Edge

  • Enterprise/Workgroup

  • Data Center

  • Industrial Networking

  • Network Security

Veryx ATTEST-XP test suites provide fully automated Functional verification of network equipment covering tests for functionality, Multi-protocol behavior, Scalability, Robustness, etc.

Veryx ATTEST-CTS test suites verify conformance to specific communication standards.

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