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Telecom Operators
  • Quality of experience - The new Qualiy of Experience (QoE) Test for Telecommunication Operators i.e. ETSI TS 186 025-2 standard has now been released. The test focuses on the Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking - TISPAN.

  • Load Bulk Call Testing - The Emutel | Harmony is a scalable TDM and VoIP Bulk Call Generator, designed to meet the needs of equipment developers and manufacturers.

  • IMS Network ETSI Standards Tests - A benchmark test may be used either for comparison (e.g., comparing the performance of two products), or for prediction (e.g., the configuration specified for a benchmark test is similar enough to a service provider’s requirements that the result of the test can be used as an estimate of the performance of their deployed system).

  • Distributed Test Nodes - Low Cost Distributed Test Nodes For Quality of User Experience.
  • Automated Regression Testing - Regression testing for telecom equipment has traditionally been performed by the quality assurance department within the organisation after the development team has completed their work.

  • Automated Testing - The emutel | Harmony is a scalable TDM and VoIP Call Generator, designed to meet the needs of equipment developers and manufacturers.

  • Gateway Testing - Each card and each port on each card can be configured independently of any other. This gives great flexibility in test scenarios. One port on a PRI card may be configured to be running E1 with the ETSI protocol in User mode where as another port is configured to be T1 and using the National protocol in Network mode.

  • Production Testing - The Emutel™ | Symphony is capable of simulating not only the different interface types but can also simulate a number of protocols, ITU, ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS100, NTT, VN3, 1TR6, BTNR191 and incorporates Protocol Analysis for each.

  • POTS (Analog) Call Generator - The emutel™|Harmony network load generator represents a significant technological advancement in high-capacity call generation. Designed to meet the requirements of today’s developer of both legacy and new generation switches including hardware and software modules.

  • SIP Call Generator - Soft | Harmony has strong Call Generation and Termination capabilities designed to be as comprehensive as possible.Using the Soft | Harmony 'Composer' application, scripts can be quickly created to generate high volumes of calls.

  • ISDN Multiplexing - The Acaplex | Horizon is a Primary Rate ISDN multiplexer, breaking up an incoming PRI line from the Network operator into either Basic Rate ISDN orAnalogue FXS ports.The Arcaplex | Horizon is an ideal piece of equipment for any office which has or requires a number of BRI and Analogue phone lines into their building.

  • PRI to BRI Video - The arcaplex|Horizon is a Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) multiplexer, breaking up an incoming PRI line from the Network operator into either Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) or Analogue FXS ports.The arcaplex|Horizon is an ideal piece of equipment for an office which currently has a PRI line into their Analogue PBX, but wish to run Video Conferencing equipment which uses BRI.

  • BRI-S to BRI-U

  • IVR Testing
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